Sunday, April 8, 2018

Gurps Vikings: Village of the damned

Last two game sessions  the Northern Rose company helped the sons of Ragnar take over East Anglia.  Over the winter they helped pacify the region but an underground resistance of christian priests formed to drive the Danes out.   They busted out some Old Testament style miracle and a darkness descended upon the city of Northwick.  They claimed that unless the Danes left the area the darkness would increase and kill everyone in it.

The party, even those of Christian faith, deemed this a little extreme, and probably the work of the devil.

Those in the company with knowledge of theology and the occult determined one possible way to counter the darkness would be to use the legendary Flame Banner, which was thought to be held in a monastery to the north.

Pipin, Hakkon, Candice and a small bodyguard travelled 3 days to the monastery, but found the path blocked by a Viking warband.

The vikings had tried to pillage the monastery but were defeated by the young  "Red Cap" warriors that defended it.

The vikings settled in to a seige.  The party spoke with the vikings, and Hakkon convinced them we also wanted to pillage the monastery and that we would help them get a gate open.

They agreed to let us pass and we went up to the monastery.

The events in the monastery are detailed on my last blog post, but basically we recovered the flame banner.  However,  3 days had passed.  Clearly we had not kept our deal to help the vikings and we still have to get passed them to go back to Northwick.  We hadn't talked with them yet,  but we assumed they wouldn't be happy.

Time of the essence,  and the Red Caps spoiling for a fight, we recruited them to help us bust through the Viking force.

The Vikings have left a guard at the bridge.  They see us coming and raise the alarm.

The first group of Red Caps goes across and punches through.

The Vikings turn out of their billets and begin to form shield wall.

Candice shoots their officer through the eye (he got his shield in the way- but lost his nerve as well as half his vision).  White cloak running away.

Sergeant of the Burning Men "Bearded Axe" (our long lost friend Pete) takes his squad around the flank.
The remaining two Red Cap platoons bicker over who should cross next until Candice sorts them out.
The two shieldwalls are finally complete, facing each other, waiting to see who will make the first move.
Candice, from her spot on a nearby roof, launches the "flash" bomb, an arcane device found in the previous session.
Our well drilled troops duck behind their shields on her warning.

The explosion blinds several of the Vikings.  "Charge!" Commands Pipin.
The shieldwalls clash.  The vikings are stronger,  the Red Caps better trained, but the flash device proves to be just the edge needed and several gaps open in the viking shieldwall .
Viking archers go around the right flank.
An arrow wounds one of Pipin's Christian Brotherhood.

Viking first line starts to fall back.
Before they can be reinforced by the Shield Maiden Helga, Beardedaxe comes around the flank and challenges her to fight single combat.

The second platoon of Red Caps drives away the Viking archers.
Helga sends a serious slash across Beardedaxe ' face, enough to kill a lesser man.  He flirts with unconciousness.  She takes the opportunity to run back to the last line of vikings.
"Parly!" Shouts Jarl Guthred, his men now badly outnumbered , several captive and several fled.

The Danes have a priest among them, who has been trying to convert them.  Guthred sends Father Olaf out to negotiate .  "How can this end peacefully?" He asks.
Pipin demands the vikings convert on the spot, and accept baptism in the river.
Guthred, who turns out cares for his hide a little too much, hastily agrees to the forced conversion of himself and his men.  His daughter Helga, a fanatic of the old gods, will have none of it and stabs him in the back of the neck.  A fight breaks out between the remaining Vikings as they choose sides.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

GURPS: Recovering the Flame Banner

Our first game of our Viking campaign in a while.
This time EJ GMed and the Mooreshed clan was tasked with recovering a holy relic to combat a dark magic being created by a misguided group of renegade priests.
 Pipin and Candice talk their way into the Arian fort.

 They are offered several tests of worthiness to enter the crypts.  Candice climbs a tree to rescue a child and prove her bravery.
 Pipin fights a champion to prove his might.  Hakkon burns a cross,  to prove his mania.
 (A cool ruined tower scratch built by my friend Nick- his first home made terrain- well done!)  The fairy of the hold is met, and the party is sent in a dream state to the dungeon of "trails"

 The first test, beams of light that a humble man may pass.

 The old centurion, keeper of the crypt.  The Flame Banner is kept in his pool of acid.
 The statue of the cow.  Its milk will neutralize the acid, but it needs wheat.
 Searching the other rooms for wheat.
 A crypt, with the puppet master.

 The puppet master summons Draugr and a giant skeleton.
 A draugr criticals on Hakkon,  grabbing him by the throat.

 The giant skeleton sends its blade plunging down towards Candice..."Noooo...." shouts Pipin, throwing himself in the way, the blade pierced deep into his torso.
 Candice scrambled through the melee and sent her boot through the puppet master's spine, shattering him into several pieces (a double critical result!)
 Finally the wheat! Guarded by a golem.
 With the giant skeleton bone, the wolf of Loki was tricked into fighting the golem.

 While they fought the wheat was recovered.
The puzzle solved, the banner is recovered.