Monday, February 29, 2016

The Mooreshed Treasure

It became known to Clovis that his son , Pipin, had not been killed in the ambush on his family, but had been hidden by one of the monks and then sent to a monastery in North Umbria, where he spent the last 4 years in hiding.  When Clovis learned of this he sent his neice and some soldiers to recover him.
But other things were afoot in North Umbria.  A band of mercenaries attacked the monastery , but were drivin off by the Northern Rose Co.

Their leaders were tracked down and captured.  Eventually they told of the source of the conspiracy.

It led to some haunted lands and a giant wolf, which was slain with the help of a sacred sword.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Butchery in Seal Bay

 The village of Doccinga has called upon Clovis and his company of the Northern Rose for aid.  Viking ships have been spotted off the coast,  and they fear they are soon to be the target of a raid.
The vikings are located in a nearby bay where they are setting up a longphort.
Clovis immediately plans an assault.

 After sniping the two sentries, the Northern Rose company advances on the enemy camp in battle line.
 The Viking raiders are roused from their tents. They do not have time to don their armor but they form a hasty shield wall.
 They send a runner down the beach to get reinforcements.   However, Candice has taken up a concealed position in the reeds and takes him down with several arrows to the back and finally the face as he turns to see his attacker.
 Clovis company lets loose two volleys of javelins and arrows, inflicting some light wounds.
 According to premade plan, after shooting twice the skirmishers fall back from the shield wall.
 The two shield walls crash together.
 Small gaps are made on each side.  Clovis attempts to flank the line.
 For a moment he finds himself dangerously outnumbered,  but his companions, including the brave Sergeant Bagge, leap to his side.
The enemy captain, Red Dragon, singles Clovis out for personal combat.
Not being prone to fits of honour, Clovis keeps him engaged while Kongrave runs up behind and puts a Dane Axe through Red's leg.
The crippled enemy captain yields.

Although the King's man Asperg and Bagge are seriously wounded, there are no fatalities in the Northern Rose company.   Red and two others are hastily led away before the other ships can figure out what has transpired.
Now to interrogate the captain and find out their true intentions...