Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Invasion of Mercia, summer 868 AD

Hired by Queen Giselle, the Northern Rose company travelled into Mercia to meet Ivar the Boneless.  Along the way they stopped at a Mercian lord's estate to aquire supplies...

Along their travelling,  Clovis aquired a pair of unsual Swedes.  Mouse and Bear.

The raid was almost a total success, but the noble family was able to escape out an unwatched back door.
The company travelled to Nottingham, where they met Ivar the Boneless.  His brothers were trapped in the fort of Nottingham by a combined Saxon/Mercian army.  Ivar didn't have the stregth to break in and his brothers didnt have the strength to break out.
Clovis, being a Christian man, was able to go to the Saxons and negotiate.   He met with one of the Saxon princes, Alfred, and negotiated a sum of silver that the Vikings would be paid to leave Mercia.
While this was going on Sven bull neck arrived and set an ambush for Clovis, but it failed.  Clovis learned of Sven's secret lair, where the captives of the Woden Ric were held.  Clovis felt his presence was needed with the army, so he tased Hakkon, Mouse and Bear with the rescue.   They were successful,  and retrned with Hakkon's mother and the priest Bodo.
It was learned from Bodo that he was not a priest, but an Austurian prince, sent to negotiate an alliance with Wessex and other Anglish kingdoms against the vikings.  He had been the target of the raid on the Woden Ric.  The players had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Clovis decided to hedge his bets, and let Bodo free to go to Wessex, but he stayed in service of Jarl Ivar and travelled north with the Norsemen army.
Hakkon now realized it was a fool's errand to find his mother's cure in Anglia, and decided to take her home.  He said his good byes and left the Northern Rose company, for now.

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