Thursday, December 15, 2016


1st game of Saga.
3 way 4 point battle.  2 Viking warbands and 1 Anglo Dane.
 Initial set up.
Set up in a triangle fashion, the Viking lord Magnus, the viking lord Halfdan and the Angle Garreth faced each other.
Perhaps intimidated by the unit of levy archers (he needent have worried), Halfdan set out against the Anglo Danes first.
Blows were traded but the Angles came out slightly better in the exchange.
The lord Magnus views the carnage, wondering who to engage.
The decision is made for him as Halfdan sends a unit of hearthguard against a similar unit of Magnus hearthguard.  Halfdan kills all 4 while losing 2.
Lord Halfdan goes down in personal combat with Lord Garreth.

A unit of Halfdan's warriors battles Lord Magnus and his hearthguard.
Magnus sends his hearthguard in to kill Earl Garreth.
The numbers have dwindled to almost nothing by the last turn.  Lord Magnus is the last warlord standing.  But this scenario is decided kill points.  When the are calculated,  Halfdan comes in first.  The skalds will sing of his pyrrhic victory for weeks to come!

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