Monday, November 14, 2016

The seige of Northwik, November 869 A.D.

Ireland had been a tough nut to crack, and the Vikings left to find a softer target.  They turned their attention to East Anglia.  They had been here a few years back, and the weak king had paid them to leave.  This time they came to stay.  Ivar set his sights on the city of Norwich.   He tasked Clovis with seizing the Eastern gate.
Originally a Roman town, the city had a stout stone wall.  Clovis used suprise and a ruse to grab the gatehouse.

The Anglians reacted swiftly, sending forces to block the gate.
A great shoving match ensued, Clovis men trying to get in and the Angles trying to push them back.

Suddenly the Angles broke and ran.  The Vikings had entered the city through the North.  Clovis had been a distraction, tying up the defenders while the viking ships sailed upriver and flanked them.
The Angles surrendered to Ivar and his brothers.   This time there would be a Norse King.  For his service Clovis was granted land and a manorhouse.  He spent the winter pacifying his new holdings. 
While he was here, his old companion Hakkon tracked him down.  He had returned from the North lands.

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